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To run a very successful campaign donations are needed. Your support will work towards this success. 

"I need your support. I need donations to purchase campaign materials, advertisements, and merchandise for my Support Team. To help me be your representative in the Legislative Assembly in Federal Parliament, I not only need your Vote but I need your financial support. Every donation will be spent wisely to ensure we are heard and seen. I will go to Canberra not just as a voice but I will fight for you and our community, and stand up for our Country."

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Please note that the details of every donation over $14,500 will form part of my required financial disclosure to the Australian Electoral Commission (including cumulative donations from the one person or entity if they exceed that amount).


You will also need to lodge a donor disclosure after the election. Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Selected Amounts for Donations will take you through to a Secure Online Payment System which will provide you a receipt of payment. You will also receive a written invoice from our Campaign Office too.


You can donate online now or alternatively, you can send a cheque, together with your name and address, made payable to Gaye Cameron  PO Box 176, SYLVANIA SOUTHGATE NSW 2224. 


Donations by individuals to registered political parties of between $2 and $1,500 in a financial year are tax-deductible.


The Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 prohibits the knowing receipt of donations from foreign donors. Foreign donors include:


  • a foreign public enterprise;

  • an entity (whether or not incorporated) that does not meet any of the following conditions:

    • the entity is incorporated in Australia;

    • the entity’s head office is in Australia;

    • the entity’s principal place of activity is, or is in, Australia;

  • an individual who is none of the following:

    • an elector;

    • an Australian citizen;

    • an Australian resident;

    • a New Zealand citizen who holds a Subclass 444 (Special Category) visa under the Migration Act 1958 (or if that Subclass ceases to exist, the kind of visa that 16 replaces that Subclass)