• Gaye Cameron

You have the Power - Citizen Initiated Referenda

For far too long, the major parties have been doing what the Party wants and NOT what the People (You) who elected them to do. I am contesting the Seat of Cook, Morrison has let his electorate, you the people, your families and businesses down for too long. It's time to change. I will ensure that YOU have a say in the running of this country as you rightly do have the say. I and One Nation will push for the introduction of Citizens Initiated Referenda (CIR), giving Australians the opportunity to have their say and bring about change without waiting for politicians to listen and act. #powertothepeople #referenda #OneNation #GayeCameronNSW

Image Ref: The 1951 Referendum: Reds Under the Bed: 100 Years of Communism in Australia,

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