• Gaye Cameron

MORRISON's NetZero 2050 - Job Loss Plan

Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2050 is not sustainable. There is no empirical evidence that directly links CO2 as the direct cause of any change in the climate.

After a decade of study into climate science, along with in-depth research into the UNIPCC, CSIRO, and BOM, there is no valid scientific data proving cause-and-effect from human carbon dioxide and temperature increases.

CSIRO has also stated that there is no danger to us from increasing human carbon dioxide levels and that there is nothing unprecedented about our weather patterns. Therefore there is no scientific justification for any government to introduce policies designed to reduce our carbon dioxide output.

This alarmism will cost the Australian economy productivity and growth and stifle our ability to compete on the international stage.

Resulting in higher electricity & energy prices - job losses - increased interest rates - increase in the cost of living

Morrison has failed his own electorate and failed Australians. Morrison must go!

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