• Gaye Cameron

Morrison lets carer service close after 30 years

Reported in the Local Leader newspaper 17th December, the Sutherland Shire Carer Support Service (SSCSS) closes its doors after 30 years of dedicated service to the community. Both the Morrison Govt and NSW Liberal Govt have removed the much needed funding for this service to stay open.

As the Candidate for Pauline Hanson's One Nation for this coming Federal Election, I will fight for all the funding available for local charities, particularly those under the NDIS Funding arrangement. It is heartbreaking to see this dedicate service is forced to close its doors.

As a Social Worker, we need services like this and more going into the future with an ageing population, and the need for support services like SSCSS.

If your organisation is an NDIS Funded Organisation or Funding from the Morrison Government has been cut - Please reach out to me, I will come and talk with you.

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