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  • Gaye Cameron

Mental Health in Crisis in Cook

For far too long, mental health resources in the Federal Seat of Cook are in crisis - put it simply there just isn't enough.

The Federal Government has just recently released its 10 year Mental Health Workforce Strategy 2022 - 2032 (Click here to take you to the Webpage).

I have a question though - "Where is the rest of the report!"....."This is a 10 year strategy, which was put together over 2 years, and its a total of 60 pages. In other words they have written 30 pages per year and they have given us 60 pages to guide the next decade."

"The residents of Cook Electorate mental health workforce is in crisis now. Residents can not wait for up to 6 months to see a Clinical Psychologist. And when you need help, you can not wait that long".

"As you can see, the report makes clear, we need to grow the mental health workforce by about 50% to simply meet 2019's level of demand, which basically states that every 3 workers we need, we only have 2"

"This report is a strategy - NOT a Policy. However it is a starting point, and it does spell out the scale of the problem. It could be said we have a diagnosis, but the hard work is curing it and it must start now".

"When the next Federal Election is called, I will be making it clear, if Elected, I will take the battle to Canberra and fight for more mental health resourse funding for the residents of Cook".

Gaye Cameron, Independent


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Mar 31

1 blog post in 3 and a half months… seems 30 pages a year would outpace your effort by a significant margin.

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