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Posted on March 16 2015

To help you understand your requirements by law, Gaye Cameron & Associates will be posting up on this page most frequently asked questions

Question One - Do we have to provide for emergencies at work?
Posted on January 12, 2015

Under the new Work Health Safety Act and Regulations (NSW), there is a definite requirement that the 'person conducting a business or undertaking' (PCBU) must provide for emergencies in the workplace. This includes safe working procedures, emergency plans and procedures, emergency training, supervision and risk identification.

Question Two - do we have a duty of care for contractors?
Posted on 1 Feb, 2015n

In short - yes. Like all your workers, you too have a duty of care to ensure all contractors/sub-contractors follow the safety rules too. They must demonstrate compliance to you and the PCBU that they have the relevant insurances include Public Liability Insurance, if required (such as giving professional advice or an opnion) Professional Indemnity Insurance, have a Safety System of their own including a Safety Policy, and if doing high risk work, have completed a site assessment / induction / and provide you their JSA's or SWMS as appropriate.

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Question Three - Safety after hours
Posted on 17.May, 2015

It was recently asked by a client, that their workers don't leave the workplace til after hours when it is dark outside. It was asked if they needed a policy/procedure to be in place to ensure the safety of their workers when exiting the workplace at night?

Yes you do have obligations to ensure that your workers are safe when accessing and exiting their workplace. If your workplace has hazards, you must first identify the hazards; measure the risks, and determine the appropriate controls. The outcome of your risk assessment will determine whether any policies, procedures and training are required, or sufficient.

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