Company Information

Based in the southern suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales, our team of trainers and consultants can cover all New South Wales, and if needed can travel inter-state.

Together we have over 140 years operational experience and expertise in emergency preparedness, training and education, work health safety, and environmental management.

Our Values
You - Your people - Your assets - and most of all your customers & contractors. What we provide you is part of a bigger picture. We strive to provide sound advice, up to date knowledge, skills and attitude, whilst providing cost effective service.
Customer Service
At Gaye Cameron & Associates we listen to our customers. Your concern is valuable to us, to ensure we are continuosly improving.
Cost Efficiency
We aim to ensure our prices are most competitive with our competitors, but we do not want to compromise quality at the same time. ,
Communication is two ways. We want to know how we are performing, and if what we pass on is valuable and effective.
Our staff must be courteous at all times. Dress, manners, presentation, and being on time are real issues we value too.
Our Commitment

Gaye Cameron & Associates has a commitment not only to its existing customers, but also values prospective customers. For any customer or visitor, your safety is FIRST. We strive to empower each individual with knowledge, skills and attitude to improve their life, but most importantly we aim to deliver on time, accurate and be professional.

Safety Coach

Work Health Safety

WHS Training & Education

For all your Work Health Safety needs, including training & education, we have you covered

WHS Inspections & Audit

Need to know how your business fairs with safety? We can provide comprehensive safety inspections & AS4801 Audits. RABQSA Certified.

Information Subscription Service - NEW!!

Gaye Cameron & Associates from 2012 will be offering business a subscription service for updates on Work Health & Safety plus Emergency Management once per month. For more information contact us today.