Workplace Bullying - No Excuses!'

Workplace Bullying laws now in effect
The New Workplace Bullying laws are now in place. The question here is - Does your business have Polices and affective Procedures in place? If you are not sure or would like more information on the services we provide, give us a call today.Phone 1300 373 150 or email us at -

Risk management and your appetite
Does your organisation have an appetite for Risk Management? If not why not? We not only provide services for establishing a risk based management system, but an extensive range of risk based training. Have a good appetite for risk management is also a means of reducing insurance premiums, and mitigating losses of productivity and more. To arrange a discuss on this, either call us on 1300 373 150 or email us at -

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Your time is our time......
We have a motto that includes 'you'. You, your staff, your contractors, your customers, your visitors are all important to us. We take pride in tailoring our programs to suit you and your business. Our consultants listen to you and your needs. For more information about how we can assist you, please phone us today - 1300 373 150 or send an email to

Corporate Risk Savvy - Holistic Corporate Risk Management

At Gaye Cameron & Associates, not only can we accommodate Work Health and Safety, but we also bring to the platter professional advice and direction on managing your organisations corporate risk management. Risk is just not safety, its financial, security, assets, reputation and much more. For further information regarding this , drop us a line today and one of the team will be in touch. Who knows, we may even find some savings on insurances.

Safety & Risk based Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Has your organisation undertaken a full comprehensive Training Needs Analysis for Safety and Risk Management. We provide services where we can come and analyse your workforce to understand and map out a training plan to ensure your most valuable resource are fit and proper to implement safety and risk management strategies. For more information or inquiries, call us on 1300 373 150 or drop us a line at

New!! - Information Subscription Service

This year, we are offering a new service, where you pay a one off subscription fee (annually or monthly) for newsletters to be sent to your business with updates on Work Health and Safety, Environment issues, and Emergency Management. We know that some businesses don't have time nor the person to do this, so we do this for you. For more information, send us an email today.

Our 1300 Number is - 1300 373 150

Fire Safety

"Gaye has been so inspiring! We now have a workplace that uses safety as a reason to go home, not just because " - Edwin, Uniting Care Australia.

"Gaye you have been so helpful, and so understanding of our business. Your professionalism is highly commendable " - Name & Business Detail withheld at request

Work Health Safety

For all your Work Health Safety needs, including training & education, we have you covered

Need to know how your business fairs with safety? We can provide comprehensive safety inspections & AS4801 Audits. RABQSA Certified.

Gaye Cameron & Associates from 2012 will be offering business a subscription service for updates on Work Health & Safety plus Emergency Management once per month. For more information contact us today.